Opening until 28th april

What is EGUG?

L'Ecole de Glisse des Universités de Grenoble is an association loi 1901, founded in 1974.

EGUG is a students only association, either from the Universités de Grenoble or from any other french and non french university, so foreign students can be members as well. There are about 3000 members, of which 85 are instructors. Students from the UJF, INP and Stendhal can take lessons and get credits for that as part of their uni course. Students from other universities can also have lessons, but won't get any uni credit from that.

How EGUG works :
EGUG is based in Grenoble, the Capital of the Alps, and its purpose is to allow all the students to discover or keep practising winter sports at the lowest cost. By becoming a member of EGUG, students can then access/buy skipasses at very low prices for a few of the best resorts around. EGUG is also concerned with students learning how to ski, snowboard, and that's why we provide free lessons for all the students, whatever their level. From beginners to experienced riders, everyone can have free lessons with a team of student and volunteer instructors. Those instructors are educated by EGUG so that they can then teach students, under the responsibility of Professors of the Universités de Grenoble.

EGUG also provides bus transports to the resorts 4 days a week, once again at cost price.

We also have partnerships and special deals with shops in Grenoble and around, such as :
>A sportshop in Saint Martin d'Hères : Espace Montagne, where our members get discounts on gear rental and purchases
>A restaurant in les 7 Laux : le Kaktuss
>At BAM sports

Actvities and free lessons

Before ski season : we organize Acrofreestyle trainings with trampoline sessions, and roller sessions

During ski season : students are offered a wide range of free lessons, with ski, snowboard and even telemark lessons. We provide lessons for each and every rider, from beginners who want to discover winter sports, to experienced riders who need technical advice to improve their skills. We also provide slalom and freestyle lessons. We have occasional freeride sessions with an instructor who has a Diplôme d'Etat. Students who want to participate in those freeride sessions have to do a one day training session on how to use DVAs with EGUG

We also organize winter sports events, the main one being STARTING GLISSE. It is a one week-end event open to all students, whether they are EGUG members or not, where we provide skipass+bus transport at a very low cost, so that every student can have the chance to enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

what do we do?

EGUG is an association for all students, which provides free ski and snowboard lessons (non compulsory) for students who are doing a 'formation personnelle' or a 'formation qualifiante'.

We have exclusive skipass deals with Les 2 Alpes and Les 7 Laux and buses at cost price 4 days a week

Ski sessions will start on december 02nd and end on april 28th in Les 2 Alpes for the first semester and in Les 7 Laux as well for the second semester with free lessons. There will be a few trips to major Savoie resorts, without lessons, and a few night sessions in Collet d'Allevard.

We teach ski and snowboard to students, whether in 'formation qualifiante' (credits for uni diploma) or 'formation personnelle'. Lessons are not compulsory, our members can just buy skipasses and enjoy their day in the resort on their own.

We have more than 2500 students from more 70 different countries each year, from beginners to experienced riders.

We offer great deals on skipasses :

Your membership card is a RFID card
You buy them online.
How RFID card work :
They can be used for all the season, even during holidays in Les 2 Alpes, RFID card (charge online here)

Les 2 Alpes skipasses and lessons :
Throughout the season that starts on decembre 2nd 2017 and ends on saturday april 28th 2018, EGUG members have special deals on skipasses, with up to 75% off compared to student prices for skipasses !!

Meeting point for the lessons in les 2 Alpes :
1st semester (december 02nd to december 23th ) : 8.45 in front of the skipass cash desks near the Jandri Express, on thursdays, saturdays and sundays.
2nd semester (january 13th to april 28th) : 8.45 in front of the Diable chairlift on saturdays.

Buses :
departure : 7am Place Verdun and 7.15am from campus

Les 7 Laux skipasses and lessons :
EGUG members get 29% off compared to student prices for all the season, except for weeks 52, 1 and 8.

Meeting point for the lessons : 13.30 in Prapoutel in front of the Chamois chairlift, on thursdays and fridays, january 11th to march 29th

Buses : departure from Place de Sfax at 12.25 and from campus at 12.45

Calendar for the season 2017-2018 : here

Operation :

Membership for the season (2017-2018) is 30€ (all inclusive) + 2€ for specific rfid support.

Student card+recent photo needed for the EGUG member card

SIUAPS sport card is needed as well, except for students who are doing a 'formation qualifiante' and get credits for their diploma.

Here you can print the registration form.

Students have to make sure that their insurance works for winter sports, otherwise we provide insurance (once again at a very low cost). Students in 'foramtion qualifiante' are automatically insured as part of their uni course.

where are our offices? Map here
CSU : monday to friday 12.00 to 2pm, tuesday and thursday : 5pm to 6pm 
Minatec : Thursday and thuesday 12.30 to 13.30

We won't be there during uni holidays

Insurance :

Students doing the 'formation qualifiante' are covered for ski/snowboard practice during EGUG lessons by the SIUAPS insurance. In case of an accident, a statement has to be made in the next 5 days, to the SIUAPS office.

Students skiing on their own are not covered by the SIUAPS insurance and have to check with their own insurance that they are covered during ski practice.

Students doing the 'formation personnelle' are covered for ski practice during EGUG lessons, through their SIUAPS sports card. This doesn't work if they are skiing/snowboarding on their own.

Rescue services in resorts :
They are not always free. In case of an accident, the person(s) involved can be asked to reimburse the cost of the rescue services. Students can sign up for an insurance called Passeport Montagne.

It works for french students and for foreign students while they are in France, and covers every mountain activity or sport practised at the time of the accident. It costs 10€ and covers :

Grenoble SIUAPS sports card :
It is compulsory for students to get the SIUAPS card so that they are insured during EGUG lessons (ski, snowboard, telemark, trampoline and rollerskating). It costs 22€ for Grenoble Universités students and 34€ for others, a photo+student card are needed. It can be purchased at the swimming pool reception desk

Lessons, transport, ski-pass...

How to sign up for EGUG free snowboard/ski lessons : click on the link below to sign up for a lesson, and follow the instructions

There will be a new link every other week. You can't sign up for lessons more than 10 days ahead.

For the WE lessons, you have until the previous thursday 6.30pm to sign up, and for thursday lessons, until the previous tuesday 6.30pm.
Register here

Transport :  Bus tickets can be bought at our 'permanences', there are no internet or phone booking. Tickets for Les 2 Alpes are 14€ leaving either from Verdun or from Campus. Tickets for the WE have to be bought before 2pm on the previous friday, and tickets for thursdays have to be bought before 2pm on the previous wednesday.

2 Alpes RFID :

 Depending on the snow conditions, beginners may not need to buy a ski-pass (you'll have to ask your teacher about that)

2/ The RFID card : it's a rechargeable card that allows you to buy your skipass on the internet or with a smartphone and 'charge' it on the card. Prices are the same. The RFID card is used as a normal skipass and you won't have to swap it, just use it as a normal skipass (remember to always have your EGUG card with you). These cards will be available at the EGUG permanences for 2 € (refundable by the end of the season).

General information :
We don't lend/rent gear, so we advise you to rent your gear in Grenoble (easier and quicker than in Les 2 Alpes). It is possible to rent gear for several days, or even for the season. We have special deals with Adrenaline. 

Meeting point for the lessons in Les 2 Alpes is 8.45 in front of the tourist office, by the Jandri Express for the 1rst semester, and then at the Diable chairlift (from january 10th to the end of the season)

Buses stay in Les 2 Alpes so you can leave stuff on the bus, but you won't be able to access it during the day (remember to bring your lunch with you on the pistes). You can't go on the bus with your skiboots.

Weather in the mountain can change very quickly, appropriate clothing is needed, as well as sunglasses or goggles and sunscreen. Doing sport at 3000m is more demanding than doing sport in Grenoble, be prepared for that, drink and eat regularly.

For freestyle lessons : you have to wear a helmet to take a lesson, and we also advise you to wear a back protection.

For slalom lessons : it is also better to have proper protections so you can ski in the best conditions.